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  1. John Doe

    m, prodita quaerimus. Fabio vel iudice vincam, sunt in culpa qui officia. Vivamus sagittis lacus vel augue laoreet rutrum faucibus.

  2. Hmm, am citit inca de la birou ce ai scris, si in drum spre casa ma gandeam la cliseele sau chestiile care imi plac…pai cel mai mult cred ca imi place sa ma plimb pe malul marii cu "el" sau la margine de lume, orAu.den..ipoi, imi plac povestile de viata care se termina cu bine, imi plac cafelele in tihna in zilele mele libere ca niste mici vacante, imi place sa visez frumos – in somn sau asa cu gandul…je

  3. Citi getting ready for a bank run….Seen on a recent Citibank (C) statement: “Effective April 1, 2010, we reserve the right to require (7) days advance notice before permitting a withdrawal from all checking accounts. While we do not currently exercise this right and have not exercised it in the past, we are required by law to notify you of this change.”terrifying. anyone know if other banks are implementing this kind of garbage? if so, a lot of mattresses are about to get a little bit thicker …

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  5. Osama can be real AND Western governments can be exploiting him for their own purposes. (Adam Curtis's 2004 documentary The Power of Nightmares — while not the final word on the War on Terror — has stood up remarkably well in demonstrating this symbiotic relationship. I'm always amazed at how he managed to "get it" so soon.)(BTW, "rock star status among 1.3 billion Muslims" might be overstating his following just a bit.)

  6. Nope, I really think that twitter is total fail on fedora 14 IMHO, otherwise I wouldn’t waste my energy writing this article. This article is intended to help others (who are many) with same issue. Please stop flame baiting through comments on this blog or you will be banned from commenting. Thank you.

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  8. Hi I am touched by your eulogies of Uncle Elmer. Thank you for adding on such a legacy. This will surely become more invaluable as time goes by. I am sorry I did not hear about this sooner. Please give my regards to Larry. Sincerely,Billie Fisher (great niece of Elmer)

  9. I think that a tipping-point occurred in this country, where accumulated power HAD TO lead to more accumulated power and couldn’t lead to anything else. I tend to believe that it was February 3rd, 1913, when the Congress of the United States made sure that slavery became part of our national heritage with the ratification of the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution, although it may have instead been in 1791 when good ol’ Alex Hamilton created the First Bank of the United States. Sigh.

  10. Unfortunately they play to the voters they think they can swing and ignore the rest. This has made for interesting politics in Australia after they did a census and discovered the actual number of people who are citizens born elsewhere. Backflips over night in both political parties about asylum seekers. Your readers are not likely the people the politicians are trying to reach.

  11. Oh yeah … a final invaluable document is A Few Notes on Book Design, by Peter Wilson (author of the magisterial memoir class). This document is included in standard distributions as the file “memdesign.pdf”.Remember, when Donald Knuth designed , as he describes in his article (1979), his objective was not to exceed the beauty and utility of traditional typography, but rather (more modestly) to approximate it. Perhaps Knuth succeeded so well, because his grasp of typographic history and artistic tradition was so firm.

  12. I don’t think you’d have been up before the Royal Society in your Restoration daydream, Charlie. If you’d been heard spouting all that stuff you would either a) have been banged up in Bedlam or (more likely) b) been burned at the stake for witchcrafty doings. Still–it’s a fun way to spend the spare time in your head. I think I’d go a lot further back myself, and pass myself off as a shaman to some tribe, preferably in a warm and sunny place with no snakes or crawly insects. Shamans are allowed to get away with dreams like that!

  13. n’importe quoi vous hé c’est ni des converses ni des bottes, c’est des DR MARTENS!(d’ailleurs j’en suis jalouse)Et elle est vachement cool cette affiche. je lui reprocherai juste d’être pas toujours très lisible. mais les tons de couleurs collent vachement avec le propos. le ptit effet jauni-sépia-polaroid-vintage, lààà… c’est pas mal!

  14. 1a3Olá Consuelo!Estava vendo o G.E e tive um ótima surpresa com seu blog, simples e elegante. Com certeza irei acompanhá-lo pois adorei a forma que você fala sobre moda, de uma forma dinâmica e muito simpática.Moro no Rio de Janeiro, tenho 15 anos, e vou começar a estudar publicidade esse ano, pretendo estudar moda e jornalismo.Ótimo blog, beijos.

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  16. hola que tal soy laura y soy del estado de hidalgo, ver esta asociacion me lleno de alegria y mucho interes saber que hay alguien que se interesa por las amas de casa ya que de inmediato se me vino a la mente mi madre…me gustaria saber mas de ustedes…suerte byeee

  17. I’m confused. In looking at the German Design Council webpage they clearly state that they are a “service provider for business… and corporations”. Looking at their history page they clearly state that they are a non-profit. In the US that would be considered a conflict of interest. It sounds like Mr Suermann is simply trying to rectify this conflict.

  18. Gratulerer med vel overstÃ¥tt! Bra jobba, Pandus – hÃ¥per dere fikk inn veldig masse penger og at dere hadde det ganske gøy ogsÃ¥ :)Hilsen Rikke som mÃ¥ slutte Ã¥ skrive nÃ¥ for det er the pretender-video med Foo Fighters pÃ¥ tv… 😀

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  20. Ed,The author (an ex-cop who'd been in a shooting himself shortly out of the academy) interviewed hundreds of officers, male and female, some who'd been in one OIS and some who'd been in several. Results were, as you might imagine, all over the map.

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  23. Prof(o) Mario Jorge, quero parabeniza-lo e agradece-lo pela grande contribuição que me foi repassada através das vídeo-aulas e posts que o senhor disponibiliza gratuitamente, pois seu material é de preciosa valia para aprendermos e revisarmos os nossos conhecimentos, auxiliando na resolução do exame de suficiência do CFC. Deixo o meu muito obrigado e que Deus o abençoe, um forte abraço.

  24. Marco, that is so powerful — the power of people – and the “power of one.” Those boys could have an incredible impact by their sincere care of mentoring. As you say…just 'take the step,” rather than get overwhelmed by the whole concept of giving or challenges, or large programs.Sometimes it's not a program — it's one person's small — but significant — outreach!

  25. Yes, but Sharonlee, I think the other issue is calling one’s ex to ask these things.Although, since the teens have gone vegan, I have made more than one call to my ex to ask which brand of rice milk they buy or where they get the vegan ____ that texteen enjoys with rice. To be fair, I have also called TTGF’s mom with questions like these.

  26. i’m reading throught some of the posts and that i identify them to be plumb interesting. abject my english seriously isn’t exaclty the really best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my vernacular, spanish. it could the truth is usurp me a lot. since i have could approach the english interaction on the spanish language.

  27. Brilliant and sobering, in equal measure – as are so many of your pieces.I hoped that Netanyahu would prove a tough leader but it seems we need a Ben Gurion or a Golda Meir to stand up to the international fondness for Muslim fanatics and appeasement.Things are getting scary – rather, more scary.

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  36. La dissuasion, c’est pour dissuader, pas pour s’en servir, de préférence. Le désarmement nucléaire, on peut le souhaiter, mais ça laisserait un avantage énorme à la puissance qui n’aurait pas désarmé tout à fait. Demander à la France de renoncer à la force nucléaire tandis que l’Inde, le Pakistan , la Corée du nord, l’Iran et Israel entre autres s’arment, quelle illusion !! On peut toujours rêver…

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  38. Brun : Yeah! Hopefully we'll meet again at the workshop!Tonic : Not CSI, i fell on my hand and hurt my radius. :/ Ideo : La pouasse que t'habites si loin! :/Julien : Huhu merci! Oui, cette video devrait illustrer le mot "youpi" dans le dictionnaire (dixit Crowley)Karoo : Ouais! 🙂 Merci d'être passé!

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  42. Perhaps community gardens fit into this model? The space is shared, and trusting the other users (as well as passers-by) with your carefully-tended plants can be an exercise in good faith. While the "materials" aren't universally shared community-wide, there is certainly an expectation that part of your harvest will be donated to the community. Most community gardens are connected to a food bank program.

  43. anónimo:Lembro-me dessa história, mas ele tem de saber que os clubes surgem por vontade de pessoas e não são uma invenção de um politico qualquer. Querer utilizar o desporto para fazer politica é algo já muito visto, mas sempre criticavel. Tratem é das pessoas e das suas necessidades e deixem os futebois para quem o joga.abraço

  44. Regarding the whole NCAA Violations matter, I truly think that the NCAA needs to either be more efficient – and thereby more of a martinet – or become more realistic in their evaluations. While I have absolutely no use for the likes of “Cal-the-Lip”, this current Bledsoe thingy is a waste of time, money, and newspaper ink … The NCAA ought to simply follow the olde adage of “Follow the Money” !!! No $$$, no violation … By $$$ I mean the disbursement of anything by anyone (school, booster, or supplier) to anyone associated with the kid !!!Seems pretty simple and realistic to me !!!

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  60. Even if the UN will not consider the guilt of these people we all know that they are fully culpable. It may at long last reveal what “orders” ATOS belive they are following and prove once again that this defence is worthless when it causes the deaths of so many.

  61. I can't defend this woman. Not at all. The only place someone of this caliber should be covering is the BET Music Awards. Her manner and tone fits the fucking bill.No props to Gibbs, either. The way he was snapping his neck I'd have to say that his inner black woman was just dying to come out.

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  65. Apr24Ruth Robelia You made my heart weep as I read the words you penned. I have been away from Wisconsin for 45 years and still refer to it as “down home” when I speak of the small farm I grew up on in Wisconsin. The sense of place is still strong, but the bedrock foundation of common sense for the common good will never leave this dairyman’s daughter. I urge everyone to support Wisconsin’s recall efforts in any way they can. ONE DAY LONGER, ONE DAY STRONGER.

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  71. Or maybe you just don’t want to hear the condemnation? I’m sure Jon doesn’t support the action of individuals who use religion to harm others (and he is pretty clear on this). I am openly opposed to various Muslims who want to spread hate and intolerance. It seems to me that you simply ignore what doesn’t agree with your world view.

  72. How did they isolate the variables to make all things equal? Did they take twins at birth and raise one poor and one wealthy? I don’t mean to nitpick or be argumentative, but I am skeptical of the article. I also don’t mean to come across as being somebody who exclusively looks at « nature » or individual biology. It seems to me that a person is shaped in the synthesis of an individual’s physical and mental being, external human factors, natural law, and natural circumstance.

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  84. Kelly! So wonderful to hear from you! Thank you so much for your kind words! I have been thinking of Abe, and I cannot wait to see that you have been able to bring that sweet boy home with you!! I will definitely visit the site to see updates! Thank you for sharing!!

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